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QuickBooks Cloud Hosting FAQ

How Do I?

The QuickBooks Accounting Software Cloud Hosting Service is an optional add-on service. Through it, the subscriber or any other person authorized by the subscriber can acquire access to the company data and the QuickBooks software using a personal computer and an internet connection. What it in effect means is that your organization personnel and authorized associates e.g. your accountants staff, can simultaneously work accessing the same data irrespective of their physical location.
Simply put, Hosting means that instead of being stored on your office PC, your QuickBooks data and software are being ‘hosted’ or stored much more safely on an enterprise level Web server housed in a highly shielded facility. Rather than being accessed to you over your Local Area Network (LAN), these are being brought to you (or being ‘served’ to you) through a much safer and thoroughly secured internet connection. The huge benefit accrued by hosting is that you are minimizing unauthorized access risk while simultaneously getting the advantage of accessing and working with your data through a Windows, Mac or Linux operated system from anyplace, anytime.
Yes, of course. Here are some key advantages.
  • Access your data and applications from remotely anywhere at 24/7
  • Once your application and data are securely hosted, connecting from anywhere at any time becomes a simple task. All you need is an internet connection and a PC with a simple client program( Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/8 come pre-installed, download for Mac or Linux). Just activate the remote access application, log in using valid user ID/password and you are ready to go, just like working on your own PC. No need to learn anything new because your QuickBooks Cloud Solution remains the same, whichever the PC.
  • Standard & dependability
  • We use top-of-the-line, high performing, interruption-intolerant server clusters to host QuickBooks Cloud Solutions so as to provide high standard dependability to our client businesses, whatever their sizes may be.
  • Work continuity for your business
  • You can connect to your data and applications from virtually anywhere at any hour. Should a disaster hit your office, all your critical business information will still be available and accessible through computers elsewhere.
  • PC maintenance made much easier
  • When your applications run through AccSoft data Centers, the need to install and maintain them on your own PC disappears. When all is said and done, all you require is a simple client program on your PC, which as stated earlier too, comes pre-installed for all Windows Vista and Windows 7, and is downloadable for Mac and Linux.
  • No need for any server/network maintenance
  • If your practice is to store official company data on your network’s file servers, you will know already that it is expensive and time-consuming to control access and maintain your systems secure and virus-free. There are additional dangers and nuisance of ensuring server availability from remote places too. If your office is powered by QuickBooks Accounting Software Hosting Services, there will no longer be any space requirement or scope for servers and VPNs inside the office. And you will be able to devote more time to actual business.
    The users will first have to launch the remote access software. Then using their user IDs and passwords, they will be able to log in.
    Actually, for a number of reasons. Read on:
  • No IT start up expenses – You do not need to buy or install any servers or network hardware
  • No startup delay time – You can start using it right from day one as there are no network setups or software installations or troubleshooting hassles to go through. It’s quick, it’s hassle free.
  • No maintenance expenses – All upgrades and updates will be carried out by us. A no-bother scenario for the user.
  • No additional training or learning needed for existing QuickBook users- Zero difference from their existing version work-wise.
  • No extra expenses- Support is part of the service package deal.
  • Anytime, anywhere accessibility of company data – Real time availability of data simultaneously at all locations of operations, you will be able to work from any place on the earth (including your own office) if it has an internet connection.
  • Complete dependability and reliability – An enterprise standard data center enables secure and 24x7 availability.
  • Not at all. The internet is your only connectivity requirement.
    Manual backups, similar to desktop version can be executed. You can download them onto your PC and get reassurance of security through dual location.
    AccSoft IT professionals handle all upgrades and updates, and the entire system is under continuous supervision and monitoring at all hours.
    While the hosted software’s user interface is a Windows one, other operating platform users (Android, IOS, Linux and Macs etc.) can access it using the remote desktop application that’s easily downloadable.
    Existing QuickBooks user will need no extra learning time as this resembles the desktop version in every way. If you have not used QuickBooks before this, we offer several routes to easy and quick learning.
    Like all internet-enabled devices, you require a speedy and quality internet connection to get the best out of your device. Of course, experiences differ from user to user but many users have reported better speed and superior functionality after they made the switch. Plus, there is also the benefit of increasing number of users and reducing performance loss.
    While both these solutions are accessible by internet, there are key differences. QuickBooks Online is meant for smaller businesses in early stages of growth that as yet do not require advanced features and very high functionality. On the other hand, QuickBooks Cloud Solutions with its Hosting Service is an advanced solution with higher functionality more suitable for small to medium sized companies that are growing, deal with more complexities and may have multiple operation points geographically as well. You can use a Web Browser to gain access to QuickBooks Online. On the other hand, the Hosting Service while directly accessible through Internet Explorer, usually requires a remote access application.
    The good news for you is that both MS Word and MS Excel work exactly the same with QuickBooks Cloud and the hosting service, as they do with the desktop version. If MS Word and MS Excel are already installed, just go ahead and export all reports to MS Excel and all statements, invoices and estimates to MS Word.
    You can take your pick from various email choices. One option is to add Outlook to your AccSoft account. Then there is the QuickBooks email service or you can also configure your QuickBooks to use Web mail.
    No more anxieties over your cloud. Relax, your are in the safest hands.

    It’s our job to give our clients customized guidance and services. We endeavour to match, and if possible, exceed our customers’ expectations.