From content mirroring to striping, based RAID-10 arrays ensure highest efficiency input/ output operations, enhanced data resilience and superior performance which is constructed to Ensure Complete Safety
Let your server serve you, not the other way round.

Why should your server take up your time when you could be utilizing it to boost your business? At AccSoft, we offer a diverse range of managed cloud hosting services. We can also tailor our services to match your business needs through our DDoS-protected network and hosting platform.

Super Secure Network

We employ an advanced DDoS Detection System from Arbor Networks to protect our cloud network from external threats. This ensures that no threat gets to cripple our infrastructure as it is neutralized swiftly as soon as it gets detected.

Supervision and Monitoring

Through an intensive and extensive monitoring system, we implement fastest and immediate resolution of any potential problems or issues that may crop up. This ensures high performance and ready availability.

Built-for-speed Intel Xeon CPUs

Our cloud nodes work at lightening pace as these are powered by Intel Xeon processors with an impressive 3.2 GHz minimum clock speed.

Segregated and Insulated Resources

As we keep your cloud totally seperatly from those of other clients, we guarantee total safety, security and protection of your allocated resources and data

Pick Your Preferred Operating System

Windows, Fedora, Ubuntu, CentOS or Debian- Make your choice from among any of these popular operating systems.

Superfast Deployment

We deploy your virtual machines virtually in seconds.

No more anxieties over your cloud. Relax, your are in the safest hands.

It’s our job to give our clients customized guidance and services. We endeavour to match, and if possible, exceed our customers’ expectations.