how do i?

Cloud Hosting FAQ's

How Do I?

We understand completely that to a client, migration can appear to be a somewhat formidable task. Though the AccSoft Managed Clouds come pre-equipped with the required migration support and assistance, we help our clients in carrying out migration.
Rest assured, at AccSoft, every individual Cloud Instance gets its own exclusive and dedicated resources. Except for the physical CPUs stationed in our hypervisors,
The AccSoft Cloud services work on the basis of plans. You can upgrade to the next level plan to buy additional resources. Get in touch with us and we will design an effective plan to bring you the best possible services in alignment with your needs.
We would be happy to know your present hosting setup, the problems you are facing and your precise requirements in order to design a much more suitable solution to optimize your processes.
No more anxieties over your cloud. Relax, your are in the safest hands.

It’s our job to give our clients customized guidance and services. We endeavour to match, and if possible, exceed our customers’ expectations.